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So You Wanna Be A Drone Pilot?

The rules, they are a changein'. If you want to operate a small Unmanned Aircraft (sUA) for commercial purposes, you need to know what is in “So You Wanna Be A Drone Pilot?”. You sUA is an airframe and needs to be inspected before every flight. Inspection checklists are included. The FAA requires everyone register their sUA, including hobby fliers. The registration process and sUA marking requirements are covered here as well. This book contains everything you need to know to pass your “Remote Pilot-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airmen Certification” exam.


Twelve topics you need to know to fly:

1. Part 107 – The new sUA regulations;

2. Airspace classification, operating requirements and flight restrictions;

3. Aviation weather sources and effects of weather on performance;

4. Small unmanned aircraft loading;

5. Emergency procedures;

6. Crew resource management;

7. Radio communication procedures;

8. Determining the performance of sUA;

9. Physiological effects, including drugs and alcohol;

10. Aeronautical decision-making and judgment;

11. Airport operations;

12. Maintenance and preflight inspection procedures.

ISBN 978-0985694647 Includes 40-question sample exam with answers.

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